Gascoyne Family Tree

John Gascoyne and Martha Barrett were married on 29th October 1903, they went on to have 10 children all of whom lived into adulthood, quite an acheivement in those days.

A group of their Grandchildren and Great grandchildren plan to use this website to share information about the Gascoyne family tree, which we believe to have traced back over 1000 years to William the Great, Duke of Aquitaine b969.

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Nine of John and Martha Gascoynes children taken in about 1980.


Much of the credit for the information on this website goes to Duncan Gascoyne of Otley, my 4th cousin once removed, who has been kind enough to share his research with me.

All 10 siblings in 1964.

Back row Henry, Bert, Hugh, Reg, Dick. Front row Win, Ol, Grace, Gee & Gwen.