Gascoyne Family Tree

Lizzie - Gee Gascoyne Jun 1911 - 11 Mar 2014

Gee was born in Ely Cambridgeshire. She married Arthur John Wilde (Jack) 1910 - 2001,in 1937. They had a daughter Margaret in 1940.







So very many happy memories of dearest Gee from so long ago, over very many years, of which I could write so much – way back to childhood years when living on the farm at Modney Bridge


Walking to Hilgey School and Gee always coming behind. One clear memory of those days was when Gee was lined up with others at school because of coming back late after the mid-day break. They had been down to near a flooded field of iced water near the bridge at Hilgey. ‘Higgins’ the headmaster used the cane a lot – but when he came to Gee he didn’t cane her, which others wandered why! It was because he was due that evening to come to our home to collect my Dad’s insurance money!


Another memory is of me standing by the piano at Modney Bridge and watching Gee playing the piano. Her music teacher would come to the farm house to give Gee and the other girls piano lessons. I was the only son who had piano lessons, intrigued by my sister Oll, who used to cross her hands over the notes as she played the piano. Being able to play the piano certainly became very useful during my RAF days when I played the peddle organs for RAF Sunday services. I still have my organ in the front room which I enjoy playing most days. Both Gee and myself enjoyed playing the piano and singing. Gee sang in the choir at Downham Wesley Chapel for a number of years – she had a beautiful voice.


I remember Jack (Gee’s husband) coming for Sunday tea, and when Gee opened the door she bowed and Jack laughed at that. Jack used to pick me up to take me to work at Wissington Sugar Beet Factory where he was a Cashier and I had a Junior Clerk’s job at the age of 16. Jack used to take me on the back of his motorcycle also to see Norwich City play football. I remember Gee on the back of Jack’s motorcycle visiting me when I was at RAF Feltwell.


Gee worked as a Ladies Companion at South Wootten, Kings Lynn, when I was stationed at RAF Bircham Newton, before going abroad for 5 years with the RAF. The first part of my journey was by train and I knew what time the train would be going near where Gee worked and we arranged that Gee would wave something white out of the window. I went into the corridor of the train and I saw her wave something white. It certainly brought a tear to my eye, as I didn’t see Gee or the rest of my family for 5 further years, due to the outbreak of WW2.


Margaret was born whilst I was abroad and when I got back to RAF Feltwell I called on Gee on my way to my mother’s home. This was the first time that I saw Margaret – a wonderful occasion.


Around 4 years ago I was able to visit Gee and Margaret, Gwen and Dick. I am so very glad that I was able to do this with Phillip and Lynda. It was a very special visit and I was able to play the piano, which needed tuning! Gee was so delighted to see me and we were able to talk over old times and look at photos.


More recently, we have been able to share memories via our children through FACEBOOK (whatever that is) – it’s beyond me. This has been very precious, knowing we could contact each other in that way, as well as letters, etc. The last FACEBOOK message came via Margaret when she messaged Lynda to tell Hugh that Gee was singing ‘When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be.’ When I heard this I sang the song out loud to Lynda, very happy knowing that Margaret had just been singing it too.


My thoughts and prayers are with you Margaret at this sad time, but I am thankful for the loving care which you have given Gee over the years. Dear Gee lived to the grand old age of 102 – nearly 103 and for that we are all grateful for. She’s now joined that heavenly choir in the sky. God Bless Her – Love from her brother Hugh