Gascoyne Family Tree

William was born in 1293 in Yorkshire. His parents were William Gascoigne and Elizabeth Bolton.

He married Agnes Franke in 1333 in Alwoodly, Yorkshire. They had 8 children.

  • William 1335 -1419
  • John 1343 - 1394
  • Thomas 1347 -
  • Anne 1351 -
  • Elizabeth 1353 -
  • Richard 1355 - 1423
  • Nicholas 1358 - 1428

William died in 1383 at Harewood, Yorks.

(Margaret) Agnes Franke daughter and heir of a William or Nycolas Franke of Alwoodley, Yorkshire.


He was known as William Gascoigne of Harewood, Senior. In addition to the Gawthorpe estate (which he most likely inherited), he purchased the lands in Harewood from Robert de Insula de Rugemont in 1363. He also obtained settlement of lands at Harewood, Werrdeley (Weardley) and Weton (Weeton) to his son William in 1373.

On his death in 1383 at Gawthorpe the family divided into two branches, the senior branch descending through his son William at Gawthorpe and the junior branch from whom we are descended through his second son Nicholas who acquired the estate of Lasingcroft in 1392.