Gascoyne Family Tree

Henry was born on 10 Jan 1740 in Doddington. From the Parish Register CD Baptism took place on 28 May 1749 Henry son of Johnathan dec(eased) born 10 Jan 1740.

 On 20 Oct 1767 Henry married Ann Neale at Doddington (PR CD).

They had at least 2 children.

  • John baptised Doddington 21 Aug 1768, died 6 Oct 1791 in Manea, "John son of Henry and Anne Gaskin".
  • Johnathan

Henry was buried at St Nicholas Church Manea on 2 Jul 1814, FreeREG record age 74.

Historically, Doddington was one of the largest parishes in England. Under the Doddington Rectory Division Act of 1856 it was divided into seven rectories, Benwick, Doddington, Wimblington, March Old Town, March St Peter, March St John and March St Mary.