Gascoyne Family Tree

John was born about 1670. His parents were Henry and Margaret Austin.

John married Ann Capiman on 30 Oct 1688 in Godmanchester. They had 10 children:

  • Sarah 1689 -1734
  • Anne 1691 -
  • John 1693 -
  • Margaret 1694 -
  • Augustus 1696 -
  • Elizabeth 1700 -
  • Jonathan 1700 - 1741
  • Thomas 1701 -
  • Elizabeth 1704 -
  • infant 1718 - 1718

John died in Benwick and was buried at Doddington on 7 Mar 1720. PR CD "John of Benwick"


The first Gascoyne to live at Benwick was Thomas’s elder brother John, baptised in 1693, sons of John and Ann Gascoyne of Bury. This John is clearly the same person as he was the only one of his brothers not to be left property in Bury, in his father’s Will, dated 9th April, 1720.
John married a Susan Spike on 23rd August 1717 and was Constable of Benwick in 1719. Listed in the burial registers of Doddington are:-
      An infant of John Gascoigne’s B(enwick) Aug 8 1718
      John Gascoigne B(enwick) Mar 7 1721.
The register records John’s burial as taking place in 1720, but by modern recording it was in 1721. A problem occurs here as until 1752 the year began on Lady Day (March 25). Therefore to translate a date into the modern style between January 1st and March 24th, one must be added to the year. The register records her baptism as taking place in 1706, but by modern reckoning it should be 1707.
It would appear that John died whilst still a young man. His estate was valued at £90 4s 3d, and he is described as a Yeoman on the inventory. His livestock comprised a flock of 43 sheep, a mare and two colts, and one pig.
His widow Susanna Gascoigne of Benwick then married a John Briggs on 19th Jan, 1722 at Doddington.

The farm then passed to our direct ancestor, John’s younger brother Jonathan who was baptised on 16th May 1700.