Gascoyne Family Tree

Jonathan was born about 1700. His parents were John Gascoyne and Ann Capiman

He was married to Elizabeth Branshum b1696.

  • Elizabeth was baptised  26 Jul 1727  in Doddington.
  • Joseph was baptised 30 May 1729 in Doddington.

There is a burial at Doddington on 1 Mar 1732 Gascoign blank of Benwick wife of John. Which may or may not be Elizabeth, Jonathan did have a brother John but according to Ancestry he didn't marry until 1740.

On 1 Jul 1733 He married Anne Behague in Whittlesey.

He lived in Benwick which was a hamle of Doddington until 1868.

Jonathan died and was buried on 14 Jun 1741. 3 of his children were baptised on 28 May 1749 after his death.



May 13 1722 Jonathan Gascoyn & Elizabeth Bransom
            (Marriage Register, 1722, March Parish Church) 
Elizabeth’s baptism was recorded as follows in the Doddington register of 1696:-                      November 8 Elizabeth, ye daugh of Richard Branshum, Junior.
Other entries in the register make it clear that her parents lived at the village of Benwick (pronounced with a silent ‘W’). 
The following are from the Benwick entries in the Doddington parish register.
            Other children were:-
            John born at Bury son of Jonathan & Eliz Gascoyne 27th Feb 1722/3 who later
            Married Mary Allan and an Elizabeth Bawdrick’
            Jonathan who married a Sara German in 1754.  
            Eliz, dau. of John & Eliz Gascoine 2nd July 1727. 
            Joseph, son of Jonathan Gascoign 30th May 1729. Died and was buried at
            Bury on 20th January 1730/1.

Whether ‘John’ was a name by which ‘Jonathan’ was generally known, and appears on the register, or whether the July 1727 entry relates to other parents altogether, we are uncertain. The

following once again comes from the Doddington burial registers, suggesting my first theory was correct.

            March 1 1732 Elizabeth, Wife of John Gascoign, Benwick