Gascoyne Family Tree

Henry was born at Houghton Conquest and baptised there on 7th February 1631/2. His father John Gascoigne son of Sir Nicholas married an Elizabeth Conquest and they lived with her parents at Houghton Conquest before moving into Old Hurst.

He was under age when George died and so his inheritance from his grandad was under his uncle John and his mothers control. In the end he had to go to court to get his due rights.

On 9 Jul 1655 he married Margaret Austen in Ramsey, Hunts.

They had 6 children

  • Anne 1656 -1657
  • Henry 1663 - 1663
  • Richard 1663 -
  • Margaret 1665 -
  • Augustine 1667 -
  • John 1670 -  1720



Anne was baptised at Ramsey, the rest of the children at Bury. 


Henry’s move from Ramsey to Bury was well timed, as the Great Plague of London was transmitted to Ramsey in a parcel of infected cloth in 1666, and claimed 400 lives. Henry’s house was assessed for the Hearth Tax as having six hearths. In the Huntingdonshire Assize Rolls of March 1680/1 and July 1682, Henry was one of the two constables of Bury - earlier rolls have not been checked. 
Henry died intestate and his wife Margaret was appointed his administrix and he was buried on August 12 1682. The oldest signature we have to date of the modern spelling of “Gascoyne” is by ‘John Gascoyne’, which is the way he spelt his name on the grant of administration of his father Henry’s estate.