Gascoyne Family Tree

John was born in 1814 in Manea, Cambridgeshire. He was baptised at St Mary the Virgin Church in Welney on 15 Jun 1814. Parents Jonathan Gascoyne and Frances, abode Manea, father's occupation Farmer.

In the 1841 census John is living in the parish of Coveney. All except John Box were born in county.

  • John Gascoyne, 25, Farmer
  • Susan Gascoyne, 20,
  • Elizabeth See, 20,
  • John Box, 30,

On 3rd February 1843 John married Elizabeth See in Manea.

In the 1851 census the family are living at Coloney, Manea (see map below). Eliza See is actually John's aunt on his mother's side.

  • John Gascoyne, Head, Mar, 36, Farmer , born Manea Cambs
  • Elizabeth Gascoyne, Wife, Mar, 33, born Welney Norfolk
  • Johnathan Gascoyne, Son, 8, scholar, born Manea
  • Henry Gascoyne, Son, 7, scholar, born Manea
  • James Gascoyne, Son, 5, born Denver Norfolk
  • John Gascoyne, Son, 2, born Denver Norfolk
  • Eliza See, Servant, Unmarried, 20, General Servant, born Welney

In the 1861 census the family are living at Fifties, Manea, although their neighbour lives in Colony, so they don't appear to have moved far. James 15 who is missing from the list below was at school in Walsoken, Norfolk.

  • John Gascoyne, Head, Mar, 46, Farmer 150 acres employ 2 men, born Manea
  • Elizabeth Gascoyne, Wife, Mar, 43, born Welney Norfolk
  • Johnathan Gascoyne, Son, 18, Farmers son, born Manea
  • Henry Gascoyne, Son, 17, Farmers son, born Manea
  • John Gascoyne, Son, 12, Scholar, born Denver Norfolk
  • Fanny Gascoyne, Daur, 9, Scholar, born Manea
  • Elizabeth Gascoyne, Daur, 7, Scholar, born Manea
  • Hugh Gascoyne, Son, 5, born Manea
  • Emma Gascoyne, Daur, 4, born Manea
  • Kate Gascoyne, Daur, 1 mth, born Manea
  • Elizabeth Gascoyne, Visitor, Mar, 44, Farmers wife, born Upwell
  • Emma Carman, Servant, Unmar, 15, House maid, born Denver

In the 1871 census John and Elizabeth are living  at The Colony Farm House, Manea. Jonathan is married and living in Coveney, he is a farmer with 100 acres, with him are his wife Elizabeth and his sister Emma 14. Hugh is an apprentice blacksmith in Weney.

  • John Gascoyne, Head, Mar, 56, Farmer 179 acres employ 2 men 1 boy 1 woman, born Manea
  • Elizabeth Gascoyne, Wife, Mar, 54, born Welney Norfolk
  • Henry Gascoyne, Son, Unmar, 27, Farmers son, born Manea
  • James Gascoyne, Son, Unmar, 25, Farmers son, born Denver Norfolk
  • Fanny Gascoyne, Daur, Unmar, 19,  born Manea
  • Elizabeth Gascoyne, Daur, 17,  born Manea
  • Kate Gascoyne, Daur, 9, born Manea.

Probate: "John Gascoyne Effects under £1500. 27 June 1873. The will of John Gascoyne late of Manea in the Isle of Ely and County of Cambridge Farmer and Grazier who died 26 April 1873 at Manea was proved at Peterborough by Jonathan Gascoyne of Coveney in the said Isle Farmer and James Gascoyne of Manea Farmer the sons and Elizabeth Gascoyne of Manea widow the relict the executors."

In 1881 Elizabeth is head of household and farming 174 acres employing 2 men 2 boys and 1 woman. James, John, Fanny, and Kate are unmarried and at home.

In 1891 Elizabeth 74, is head of household and a farmer, with James, John, Elizabeth and Kate at home.

In 1901 Elizabeth 84, is head of household and Farmer, James, John and Elizabeth are at home.

Elizabeth died 11 Sep 1903.