Gascoyne Family Tree

John and Martha Gascoyne. Photo taken in about 1914.

John was born in Littleport, Cambridgeshire in Sept 1880. His parents were Henry Gascoyne and Hannah Smart.

In 1881 census he was living with his parents and elder sister Elizabeth (2) in Black Horse Drove, Littleport.

  • Henry Gascoyne Head Mar 37 Ag Lab born Manea.
  • Hannah Gascoyne Wife Mar 36, born Welney
  • Elizabeth Gascoyne Daur, 2, born Welney
  • John Gascoyne Son, 9 months, born Littleport.

In 1891 census the family had moved to Ten Mile Bank, Littleport, and there was another son George aged 9 born in Benwick. Henry had progressed from an agricultural labourer to a farmer and employer.

  • Henry Gascoyne Head Mar 46 Farmer born Manea.
  • Hannah Gascoyne Wife Mar 44, born Welney
  • Elizabeth Gascoyne Daur, 12, scholar, born Welney
  • John Gascoyne Son, 10, scholar, born Littleport.
  • George Gascoyne Son, 9, scholar, born Benwick.

In 1901 census the family are still together apart from Elizabeth  22 (who had married William Rignall in 1896). They are now living at 4th Willow Row. Both sons are employed as farmers at home.

In 1903 John marries Martha Barrett (always known as ‘Pattie’) of Littleport, Ely; and farmed successively at Pudney Farm, Wicken, Black Horse Drove, Littleport and Hilgay, Norfolk.

In 1911 John and his family are living  at First Willow Row Farm, Littleport, they were living in 5 rooms.

  • John Gascoyne Head 30 Married Tenant Farmer, Employer, born Littleport.
  • Martha Gascoyne Wife 30 Married 7 years, 3 children none of whom had died, born Southery Norfolk.
  • Winifred Mary Gascoyne, Daur 6, school, born Littleport
  • Olive Hannah Gascoyne, Daur 4, born Littleport
  • Constance Grace Gascoyne, Daur 2, born Littleport.

John and Martha went on to have seven more children.

  • Lizzie (Gee) b 1911
  • Henry Barrett b 1912
  • Bertram John b1913
  • James Hugh b 1916
  • Gwendoline M b 1919
  • Reg b 1923
  • Richard A (Dick) b1928

John died in Jan 1931. Martha died in 1954.



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I have added subpages about the lives of the eldest 6 of John and Martha's children. Like the Census I have used the 100 year rule, and so excluded those which are happily still with us, the remaining four will be added in (hopefully) much later years. Thanks to Hugh for some wonderful memories.

Winifred Gascoyne
Olive Hannah Gascoyne
Constance Grace Gascoyne
Lizzie - Gee Gascoyne
Henry Barrett Gascoyne
Bertram John Gascoyne
James - Hugh Gascoyne
Gwen Gascoyne
Reg Gascoyne
Dick Gascoyne
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