Gascoyne Family Tree

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23/02/2017Nana Gaskins Vaughn
Thank you for your site. Our common ancestor was Sir William Gascoigne b 1293. From there, our family splits. My ancestor was his son Sir William IV and it looks like yours is his son Nicholas. Eventually, my 10th great grandfather Thomas Gascoigne traveled to America in 1600s and the line continued in Virginia and West Virginia. I haven't found much information preceding Sir William II, so your site has been very helpful. Thanks!
07/02/2017Terence James Franks
I have found your web pages most interesting and they have provided e with useful information thank you. My 21GGF was Sir William who married Agnes Franke.
I would always be pleased to hear from you with any relevant/ new information, please.
Terry Franks
Hi Suzanne
I have just noticed your previous post saying your father was born in Washington DC, no wonder I couldn't find him in England! Unfortunately although I subscribe to Ancestry I don't have access to their International records, as my family were very unadventurous and most stayed in Norfolk, never mind leaving England.
Hi Suzanne To find out more information some dates would help, or at least which area of the country they lived in.
11/07/2016Suzanne Gascoyne
My father was named John Bernerd Gascoyne and his father was David Rodney Gascoyne. I don't know a lot about the family history on his side. Would welcome more info.
25/05/2016Dianne Perry
I am a direct descendant of Sir William Gascoigne (16 generations) 1445-1487, then his daughter Lady Anne Fairfax. According to myheritage we are related to the Gascoignes back 24 generations. They all seem to be called William. I am finding it very interesting. Was very interested to find your site.
02/01/2016Stephen Newby
I am a decendant of William Newby who Margaret Gascoyne married in Yorkshire in the 1475. She is my 14th great grandmother.
Thank you for this web site. We have traced the family back to Sir Nicholas Gascoigne brother to Sir William.
26/07/2015Suzanne Ruth Gascoyne
My father was named John Bernerd Gascoyne and grew up in Washington DC. His father (who was the head of the US Fish and Wildlife Service for a period of time for the Northeastern portion of the country) was named David Rodney Gascoyne. I don't know much more than that on my namesake's line. Thanks for doing all of this research!
Thank you for your interesting website. I'm a descendant of Bamber Gascoyne and Sir Crisp Gascoyne. I'd already tracked the line back to William Gascoigne (b 1089) and you've taken me back a further three generations.(I've send you a pm)
I have enjoyed looking at your website. I am a descendant of John Gascoyne born 1670 and his daughter Sarah who married John Ratford. My sister and I have not been able to get the line back farther and make the connection to the trees we have seen through the years. Now I will look this over very careful. I am excited to see how my Gascoyne connect to Gascony France. Thank you so very much for your work.
27/10/2014Daniel Gascoyne
My great grandfather, Adam Watson Gascoyne, and his wife Caroline, emigrated to the United states through Ellis island in 1923. They came from Edinburgh Scotland
20/03/2014Lynda Clifton (nee Gascoyne)
Very interesting - thank you
I went to France in September this year sort of tracking down the connections to Aquitaine.
I went to n Abbey at Bassac near Cognac and there was a book in their bookshop on the History of Poitou/ Charente and this mentioned in detail the Gascoignes/ Gascogne and it referred to Eudes. It showed an effigy that presumably was on his tomb but now it is kept at Dunjon at Niort.
I tracked down the Dunjon and went all round but could not trace. So I made enquiries and I have the details of this with the picture in the book and the report by Jean- Marie Bineaux.
It seems it supported what we knew although it stopped with With Eudes as obviously his father was the Great great Granfather of Alienor of Aquitaine which has more historical interest. But all the predecessors were shown which agreed with my list. It was interesting to have it confirmed though.
Actually since the web it is interesting how the Plantagenants have come to life and even back into the period since the Romans left.
Also there is more about George where your aptly named Fen Gascoynes started.
It seems he was a Lawyer in London hence chatting up a you g wench from Brentwood she field area.
He was also required to be Protestant and it seems that is why he and his son Nicholas used the Y due to the fact that we came from an area that Guy Fawkes lived and the Vavaseurs and others wherein the plot to destroy Parliament.
In addition he recorded in the records at Shenfield the other children as being Baptised Protestant.
I also have bits and pieces concerning the properties which endorses some if the findings.
02/12/2012Howard Gascoyne
Some great research and fascinating information.

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